quarta-feira, 12 de maio de 2010


"I've loved getting dressed up ever since I was a kid! I choose to take on a feminine gender expressions because I feel more comfortable that way. Like, we don't need any more masculine men on this earth you know. There's so little wiggle room for how you get to act if you're born as a biological man. Life is so much easier if you can cross the lines and be provocative.

I chose my own name. Iwanted to create space to make it easier to be the way I want on any given day; my old name had such limitating associations I want to create my own person, a person I've made up out of my own experiences. I want to choose for myself who I am and who I will be".

Nestes dias em que a "norma" e as "barreiras sociais" ocupam as nossas ruas, aqui fica uma pequena história de alguém que não teve medo de ser diferente.

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